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A long-term resident of South Florida with years of experience as a General Music Educator teaching 2nd through 5th grade, Sadie Klein is a musician & vocalist that teaches all genres of music, from Pop to Classical, Broadway to Jazz.


Classes & lessons

MusicTime with Ms. Klein 

MusicTime with Ms. Klein's is a $5 donation-based group class designed for pre-school and early childhood education. Each class consists of 30 minutes of social emotional learning through music and the power of play. Learn more about MusicTime here

Private Zoom Lessons

Ms. Klein's one-on-one zoom lessons are designed to produce talented, confident musicians. Each lesson includes personalized weekly curriculum that emphasize theory as well as practice, providing ample opportunity to grow a lifelong love for music. Book a private lesson here.


  • $65 per hour 

  • $45 for 30 min.

  • Monthly rates available, ask me!


"Doctors fix bones. Music fixes the soul."

Sadie Klein

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